Vistamar Restaurant & Lounge is a Latin-fusion cuisine restaurant with a contemporary style, offering customers a unique experience based on the immersion of the diner in Broadway-style shows, the use of high-quality food, and warm service, within a festive and vibrant atmosphere, catering to clientele who love cultural diversity, quality, and details.


To establish ourselves as a national gastronomic reference for our immersion of the diner in different shows, thus contributing to the consolidation of our brand, allowing us to create new projects in different cities across the country.

Looking out over the Long Island Sound from the window-lined main dining room, it is easy to see the vision and feel the passion behind VISTAMAR. Beautiful views await diners at this Latin restaurant, as you enjoy a variety of menu items and cocktails while enjoying the beautiful harbor scenery. Nestled in between the Pelham Bay area of the Bronx and Hart Island, City Island has become home to a bustling restaurant scene. VISTAMAR shines in this community, as it not only draws inspiration from the water that surrounds it but also adds Latin flavor. Easily accessible by car or public transportation, City Island is a beautiful departure from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

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With a menu rich in Latin and seafood dishes, VISTAMAR delivers a true taste of cocina latina. The team at VISTAMAR is dedicated to not only delivering an exquisitely designed plate to your table, but also authenticity cooked right into the soul of the food.

Just as VISTAMAR is a great choice for any day of the week, it is also a great choice for parties of any size. Whether you are looking for an intimate setting for a dinner for two or looking to host the whole family, our staff is happy to accommodate any and all requests. With main dining, lounge and event spaces available, VISTAMAR is a delicious and awe-inspiring choice for any meal or occasion.

We look forward to serving you our menu alongside our breath-taking views. Come for the food, enjoy the view, and stay for the Latin hospitality!


  1. Love: We carry out all our day-to-day activities with love, both inside and outside our workspace, allowing our customers to perceive the care, passion, and professionalism with which we do our work.
  2. Integrity: This is the quality of being honest and having a strong sense of ethical values, even when no one is watching. We will maintain an attitude that preserves the mission, vision, and rules of the company, which will allow us to build the foundation for trust, honesty, and transparency.
  3. Familiarity: Refers to the feeling of knowledge, naturalness, and trust that people feel within the work environment. To adopt this corporate value, we must be capable of following the protocols for carrying out different tasks within the restaurant, in such a way that everyone experiences a sense of confidence in the work that has been done.
  4. Teamwork: Are the actions that each individual performs with the intention of achieving a collective objective efficiently.
  5. Attention to Detail: Refers to the ability to pay attention to the smallest and most precise aspects of a task, object, or situation. It involves the capacity to notice details that might go unnoticed by most people and the ability to focus on them with precision and thoroughness.
  6. Innovation: Refers to modifying existing elements to improve them, and the implementation of entirely new elements is also possible.

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